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MySQLi Troubleshooting

MySQLi is not working.

If the PHP version is PHP 5.2+ or higher, MySQLi will work without any problems.

Common problems with MySQLi are incorrect connection setting such as user_name, datebase_name and password.

The error is as follows for these types:

  Warning: mysqli_real_connect() [function.mysqli-real-connect]:
          Access denied for user 'username_name'@'localhost' (using password: YES/NO) 
          Couldn't connect :
          localhost: Connection error to server 'localhost' with user 'username_user'

The fastest fix is to look at the error and read it. For example, if "(using password: NO)", then you need to make sure your connection is using a password.
If "(using password: YES)", then make sure you are using the correct password.

If the error reports

  Couldn't connect :
          localhost: Connection error to server 'localhost' with user 'username_user'
Make sure you have added the user to the database and granted permissions to this user.

For more information on MySQLi, please visit

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