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WebDisk utilizing the HostMonster Public SSL


Webdisk allows you to "mount" your server space on your local computer. This allows you to drag and drop your website file on to our server from your desktop.

Note: Microsoft does not provide support for Webdisk in Windows 7.

WebDisk utilizing the HostMonster Public SSL

Windows XP

  1. From the desktop, click on Start and then My Network Places.

  2. Then, click Add a network place.

  3. A new screen will pop up reading Welcome to the Add Network Place Wizard, click Next.

  4. Click Choose a custom network location, and then click Next.

  5. Enter the following in the Internet or network address field:

  6. A Security Alert pop up will ask you if you want to proceed, click Yes.

  7. Another pop up will ask you to log in. In the User name: field the user for your Webdisk (ie. In the Password: field type in the password you created with your Webdisk user, press Ok.

  8. You will then need to name the network place, name this anything you want. (ie. My Webdisk to 'foldername'). In the Type a name for this network place: field, type My Webdisk to 'foldername'. Replace 'foldername' with the folder name your Webdisk is accessing, click Next.

  9. You will then come to Completing the Add Network Place Wizard, click Finish.

  10. Finished! You're good to go.

Windows Vista

Note: Connecting to your Webdisk with Vista can be unreliable. There is a patch from Microsoft available. SSL support for WebDAV is not functioning properly in Vista yet. Please be patient as many connection attempts may be required.

Same instructions apply with the private SSL but instead of using the, you can also use Make sure to replace 'yourdomain' with your actual domain name.

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