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Hardware Failure and Upgrades


What is Hardware Repair?


Sometimes a computer continues to function in many areas whilst one component has intermittent or even permanent failure. As there are several components within a modern computer server and attached to it, this can take a little while to diagnose accurately. We keep a good stock of such hardware on hand, including ready built server we can use as replacements when needed.

Possible hardware problems may include:

  • A 'Dead' or misfunctioning video interface
  • 'Dead' or misfunctioning network interface
  • 'Dead' or misfunctioning motherboard or processor
  • 'Dead' or misfunctioning RAID controller (a harddrive card)
  • 'Dead' or misfunctioning memory
These last two issues can be remedied with replacement parts, whereas the others may require a replacement server.

Performing Hardware Upgrade

To ensure the quickness and capacity of our servers, it is sometimes advantageous to upgrade our hardware, e.g., giving computers more memory, larger harddrives and upgrading key components. This can ensure that the server is able to perform better and more effectively. This process is usually quick and without problems.
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