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Unsolicited Mass Emails (Spam)


Unsolicited Emails are often referred to as spam. Please keep in mind that HostMonster does not allow the sending of unsolicited emails. If you are receiving unsolicited emails, HostMonster provides a number of Spam blocking tools.

HostMonster's policy on sending Unsolicited Emails

We would also recommend desktop-based email clients which have their own filters or third-party programs that do the same. Thunderbird offers very good filtering capabilities when set up to identify spam and send it to a 'junk' folder. Google's web-based GMail is also very effective in reducing the amount of spam you may receive.

HostMonster does not allow you to send unsolicited mass emails via email, newsgroup, etc. to others using our servers. People do not welcome unwanted advertisement for products or services being sent to them. It is usually illegal and almost always a breach of our Terms of Service (see Sec. 9, Paragraph 2). If we receive complaints of spamming and bulk email, we will remove you from our network. If you wish to send out email advertisements, we recommend you use special opt-in services designed for this purpose, rather than risk suspending of your account for misuse. There are a number of specialized mass email services that you can find on the web. If you have a spam complaint that you would like us to review, please address it to Please include a copy of the email in question, including the headers.

Blocking Unsolicited Emails

Unsolicited mass emails (or Spam as it is often called) is dealt with quickly and effectively. We provide various filters and systems to prevent the majority of such emails ever entering your inbox. To find out more information about what we offer, Click Here. We cannot guarantee that you will never receive any spam ever again, however, as many of them mimic real emails very closely.

To see more on fighting spam please see our article Eliminate Spam
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