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Transferring Domain to another Registrar


What steps are necessary if I decide to transfer a domain to another registrar?


These instructions are for if you still have cPanel access. If you do not have cPanel access please visit and you can log in with your old cPanel user name and password to administer your domains, then follow along starting at step 5.
  1. Login to the cPanel
  2. Find the Domains section
  3. Click the Domain Manager icon

  4. Domain Manager

  5. This should display the Hosting tab of the Domain Manager

  6. Click on the Domain Manager tab
  7. This should display the domain names that are registered through our registrar, Fast Domain
  8. Put a check mark next to the domain to be transferred

  9. Over on the right, select the Privacy tab

  10. Select the button that says "Pause Domain Privacy". If privacy is already disabled, then skip this step.
  11. Next, select the Contacts page

  12. Fill out the information for the Registrant, Admin, and Billing sections. This information can be the same or different for all three
  13. If you already know the hosting company you will be using to host your domain with and they have given you the name servers to use, please click on the Name Servers tab

  14. Select Use Custom Nameservers
  15. Enter in the name servers which the new hosting company has given you
  16. Next, select the Transfer EPP button. You will need to copy this code, so you can later enter it into a place when transferring it to the new registrar

  17. Select the Lock tab
  18. Select the button which says Click here to UNLOCK your domain name

  19. Finally, allow a percentage of standard propagation time to allow this information to be visible by the new registrar
  20. Contact the new registrar once this contact information you updated in the Contacts tab is visible in a place such as
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