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Email Is Not Reaching To All I Send


I send an email to one person and then do a carbon copy (Cc) to multiple other people. Not everyone is receiving the email, even when I try using blind carbon copy (Bcc).


Exim (our local MTA) limits the number of messages that can be sent per connection to 10. So that means that a client could send a message to 10 recipients in a connection (e.g. 1 address in the To: field and 9 more in the Cc: field).


  • Break the mailing list into groups of 10 and send them out one at a time.
  • Use a mailing script like DadaMail, poMMo, phpList. MOJO Marketplace in the cPanel offers many to auto-install for free.
  • Use your ISP's SMTP service to send emails. Contact your ISP for connection settings on your email client.
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