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Create an FTP link


While most browsers do not support uploading via FTP, most will allow you to download files from the server via FTP. This article will demonstrate how to create an FTP link that you can share with others.

Log into the cPanel to Create an FTP Account for the other user to connect with.

Next, you will need to 'compile' the link for the user to connect to the FTP with. If you are using a third party FTP program such as FileZilla, Cyberduck, CoreFTP, etc.,
you can use a link similar to this and just copy it directly to the program.

If you are providing an FTP link for someone to use within Windows Explorer (Network Places) as a 'drag and drop' FTP link or through Internet Explorer, the link structure would be as follows:

Additional Notes:

  • The FTP account password can actually be left out of the URL. This will then prompt for a password when connecting and makes the URL more secure.

  • If this link is to be used for yourself and no one else, a good alternative would be Web Disk from inside the Files section of cPanel, since it actually uses a secure port interface.

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