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Installing Ventrilo for voice chat on a HostMonster server.


We do not in any way support Ventrilo. This article is here for your convenience only. We do not support the setup, or troubleshooting of it.

Ventrilo is a voice chat program (VOIP) that you can install on your account. Dedicated IP and SSH access required.

Download the latest linux server binary from Upload the tar.gz to your home directory and do the following command in SSH:

  1. mkdir ventrilo
    mv ventrilo_srv-2.3.1-Linux-i386.tar.gz ventrilo
    cd ventrilo
    tar xzf ventrilo_srv-2.3.1-Linux-i386.tar.gz
  2. You will want to configure your ventrilo_srv.ini with the name you would like of the server, and the passwords.
  3. Down at the bottom you need to put in Intf= and your dedicated IP address after the [Intf].
  4. Once you have changed the configuration in the ventrilo_srv.ini file, you can start the server by typing "./ventrilo_srv -d".
    This will start the server in a background state.
  5. To stop server type: kill `cat`
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