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In 2009 Microsoft discontinued support for the FrontPage Extensions. To keep up with current customer demands and to keep our software up to date we have decided to no longer provide FrontPage Extensions.

This guide will explain what sites will be affected by this change. It will also point you to some resources to help you if you are affected.


How To Tell If You Will Be Affected

FrontPage Extensions are not required for every FrontPage website. They are mainly used by dynamic components like Hit Counters and Forms. They can also be used in the publishing process to transfer your website to the server.

Sites That Are Not Affected.

If you do not use Microsoft FrontPage you are not affected.

If you do not use FrontPage Extensions to publish your site and your site does not have any dynamic components like Hit Counters or Forms then you will not be affected.

Sites That Are Affected

If you use FrontPage Extensions to publish your site you will be affected.

If your site uses any of these FrontPage components you will be affected.

  • File Upload
  • Custom link bars
  • Shared border background properties
  • Usage analysis reports
  • Top Ten List Web Component
  • New security features (user roles)
  • Nested subwebs
  • Lightweight Source Control (document check-in/check-out without Microsoft Visual SourceSafe for Windows)
  • Categories component
  • StyleSheet links to multiple files or Active Server Pages (ASP) files
  • Confirmation field
  • Discussion form handler
  • FrontPage-created server-side image maps
  • Hit counter
  • Registration form handler
  • Save Results form handler
  • Search form
  • Field set

Note: This is a list of FrontPage components that require extensions according to Microsoft. You can see the complete Microsoft article at Other components may be affected.

What Will Happen To Affected Sites

Once FrontPage Extensions are removed from the server you will not be able to publish your site through FrontPage extensions.

The affected FrontPage components will no longer function. You may see errors when trying to submit a form or when trying to load a hit counter.

What You Can Do If You Are Affected


If you were using FrontPage Extensions to upload your site you will need to switch your publishing method to FTP. Please see How to publish your site using FTP in FrontPage for details on setting that up.

Forms And Hit Counters

If you are using an email form or Hit Counter component please see Replacing Forms and Hit Counters That Use FrontPage Extensions for alternatives that do not require FrontPage extensions.

Alternatives to FrontPage

Because FrontPage is no longer supported or kept up to date by Microsoft you may want to explore alternative site builders. Check out FrontPage Alternatives for some recommendations.

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