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MySQL Character sets supported


What character sets are supported for MySQL?


To see the options available for MySQL, Click Here

From this page, please click on the Demo Login... button. (This will work as it is a demo account, however if you have an account log in to your own cPanel instead.)

Once the CPanel is open, find the Databases section and click the phpMyAdmin icon. With this opened, you can see the character sets for MySQL.

MySQL supports 70+ collations for 30+ character sets. This section indicates which character sets MySQL supports. There is one subsection for each group of related character sets. For each character set, the allowable collations are listed.

You can always list the available character sets and their default collations with the SHOW CHARACTER SET statement:

This list is current as of September 2009.
Collation Description
armscii8 (ARMSCII-8 Armenian)
armscii8_bin Armenian, Binary
armscii8_general_ci Armenian, case-insensitive
ascii (US ASCII)
ascii_bin West European (multilingual), Binary
ascii_general_ci West European (multilingual), case-insensitive
big5 (Big5 Traditional Chinese)
big5_bin Traditional Chinese, Binary
big5_chinese_ci Traditional Chinese, case-insensitive
binary (Binary pseudo charset)
binary Binary
cp1250 (Windows Central European)
cp1250_bin Central European (multilingual), Binary
cp1250_croatian_ci Croatian, case-insensitive
cp1250_czech_cs Czech, case-sensitive
cp1250_general_ci Central European (multilingual), case-insensitive
cp1251 (Windows Cyrillic)
cp1251_bin Cyrillic (multilingual), Binary
cp1251_bulgarian_ci Bulgarian, case-insensitive
cp1251_general_ci Cyrillic (multilingual), case-insensitive
cp1251_general_cs Cyrillic (multilingual), case-sensitive
cp1251_ukrainian_ci Ukrainian, case-insensitive
cp1256 (Windows Arabic)
cp1256_bin Arabic, Binary
cp1256_general_ci Arabic, case-insensitive
cp1257 (Windows Baltic)
cp1257_bin Baltic (multilingual), Binary
cp1257_general_ci Baltic (multilingual), case-insensitive
cp1257_lithuanian_ci Lithuanian, case-insensitive
cp850 (DOS West European)
cp850_bin West European (multilingual), Binary
cp850_general_ci West European (multilingual), case-insensitive
cp852 (DOS Central European)
cp852_bin Central European (multilingual), Binary
cp852_general_ci Central European (multilingual), case-insensitive
cp866 (DOS Russian)
cp866_bin Russian, Binary
cp866_general_ci Russian, case-insensitive
cp932 (SJIS for Windows Japanese)
cp932_bin Japanese, Binary
cp932_japanese_ci Japanese, case-insensitive
dec8 (DEC West European)
dec8_bin West European (multilingual), Binary
dec8_swedish_ci Swedish, case-insensitive
eucjpms (UJIS for Windows Japanese)
eucjpms_bin Japanese, Binary
eucjpms_japanese_ci Japanese, case-insensitive
euckr (EUC-KR Korean)
euckr_bin Korean, Binary
euckr_korean_ci Korean, case-insensitive
gb2312 (GB2312 Simplified Chinese)
gb2312_bin Simplified Chinese, Binary
gb2312_chinese_ci Simplified Chinese, case-insensitive
gbk (GBK Simplified Chinese)
gbk_bin Simplified Chinese, Binary
gbk_chinese_ci Simplified Chinese, case-insensitive
geostd8 (GEOSTD8 Georgian)
geostd8_bin Georgian, Binary
geostd8_general_ci Georgian, case-insensitive
greek (ISO 8859-7 Greek)
greek_bin Greek, Binary
greek_general_ci Greek, case-insensitive
hebrew (ISO 8859-8 Hebrew)
hebrew_bin Hebrew, Binary
hebrew_general_ci Hebrew, case-insensitive
hp8 (HP West European)
hp8_bin West European (multilingual), Binary
hp8_english_ci English, case-insensitive
keybcs2 (DOS Kamenicky Czech-Slovak)
keybcs2_bin Czech-Slovak, Binary
keybcs2_general_ci Czech-Slovak, case-insensitive
koi8r (KOI8-R Relcom Russian)
koi8r_bin Russian, Binary
koi8r_general_ci Russian, case-insensitive
koi8u (KOI8-U Ukrainian)
koi8u_bin Ukrainian, Binary
koi8u_general_ci Ukrainian, case-insensitive
latin1 (cp1252 West European)
latin1_bin West European (multilingual), Binary
latin1_danish_ci Danish, case-insensitive
latin1_general_ci West European (multilingual), case-insensitive
latin1_general_cs West European (multilingual), case-sensitive
latin1_german1_ci German (dictionary), case-insensitive
latin1_german2_ci German (phone book), case-insensitive
latin1_spanish_ci Spanish, case-insensitive
latin1_swedish_ci Swedish, case-insensitive
Collation Description
latin2 (ISO 8859-2 Central European)
latin2_bin Central European (multilingual), Binary
latin2_croatian_ci Croatian, case-insensitive
latin2_czech_cs Czech, case-sensitive
latin2_general_ci Central European (multilingual), case-insensitive
latin2_hungarian_ci Hungarian, case-insensitive
latin5 (ISO 8859-9 Turkish)
latin5_bin Turkish, Binary
latin5_turkish_ci Turkish, case-insensitive
latin7 (ISO 8859-13 Baltic)
latin7_bin Baltic (multilingual), Binary
latin7_estonian_cs Estonian, case-sensitive
latin7_general_ci Baltic (multilingual), case-insensitive
latin7_general_cs Baltic (multilingual), case-sensitive
macce (Mac Central European)
macce_bin Central European (multilingual), Binary
macce_general_ci Central European (multilingual), case-insensitive
macroman (Mac West European)
macroman_bin West European (multilingual), Binary
macroman_general_ci West European (multilingual), case-insensitive
sjis (Shift-JIS Japanese)
sjis_bin Japanese, Binary
sjis_japanese_ci Japanese, case-insensitive
swe7 (7bit Swedish)
swe7_bin Swedish, Binary
swe7_swedish_ci Swedish, case-insensitive
tis620 (TIS620 Thai)
tis620_bin Thai, Binary
tis620_thai_ci Thai, case-insensitive
ucs2 (UCS-2 Unicode)
ucs2_bin Unicode (multilingual), Binary
ucs2_czech_ci Czech, case-insensitive
ucs2_danish_ci Danish, case-insensitive
ucs2_esperanto_ci Esperanto, case-insensitive
ucs2_estonian_ci Estonian, case-insensitive
ucs2_general_ci Unicode (multilingual), case-insensitive
ucs2_hungarian_ci Hungarian, case-insensitive
ucs2_icelandic_ci Icelandic, case-insensitive
ucs2_latvian_ci Latvian, case-insensitive
ucs2_lithuanian_ci Lithuanian, case-insensitive
ucs2_persian_ci Persian, case-insensitive
ucs2_polish_ci Polish, case-insensitive
ucs2_roman_ci West European, case-insensitive
ucs2_romanian_ci Romanian, case-insensitive
ucs2_slovak_ci Slovak, case-insensitive
ucs2_slovenian_ci Slovenian, case-insensitive
ucs2_spanish2_ci Traditional Spanish, case-insensitive
ucs2_spanish_ci Spanish, case-insensitive
ucs2_swedish_ci Swedish, case-insensitive
ucs2_turkish_ci Turkish, case-insensitive
ucs2_unicode_ci Unicode (multilingual), case-insensitive
ujis (EUC-JP Japanese)
ujis_bin Japanese, Binary
ujis_japanese_ci Japanese, case-insensitive
utf8 (UTF-8 Unicode)
utf8_bin Unicode (multilingual), Binary
utf8_czech_ci Czech, case-insensitive
utf8_danish_ci Danish, case-insensitive
utf8_esperanto_ci Esperanto, case-insensitive
utf8_estonian_ci Estonian, case-insensitive
utf8_general_ci Unicode (multilingual), case-insensitive
utf8_hungarian_ci Hungarian, case-insensitive
utf8_icelandic_ci Icelandic, case-insensitive
utf8_latvian_ci Latvian, case-insensitive
utf8_lithuanian_ci Lithuanian, case-insensitive
utf8_persian_ci Persian, case-insensitive
utf8_polish_ci Polish, case-insensitive
utf8_roman_ci West European, case-insensitive
utf8_romanian_ci Romanian, case-insensitive
utf8_slovak_ci Slovak, case-insensitive
utf8_slovenian_ci Slovenian, case-insensitive
utf8_spanish2_ci Traditional Spanish, case-insensitive
utf8_spanish_ci Spanish, case-insensitive
utf8_swedish_ci Swedish, case-insensitive
utf8_turkish_ci Turkish, case-insensitive
utf8_unicode_ci Unicode (multilingual), case-insensitive
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