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Pornographic/Adult Websites Policy


I have site with adult content that I want to host with your company.


HostMonster does not allow the following:

Pornographic sites - Pornography is defined by HostMonster to be sexually explicit pictures, writing, or other material whose primary purpose is to cause sexual arousal.

Nudity (including photography and art sites) - Women must be wearing a top and bottom (not see through). Men must be wearing clothing on the bottom.

Escort services - Even if your intent is to just have escorts for social occasions. (Dating services are allowed as long as they are kept clean.)

Adult toy sites - Adult toys are any toys that are designed to be used in a sexual act.

Sale of adult materials - such as magazines, and just about any other adult item.

An exception is lingerie sites but these cannot show nudity or sell adult toys. If you have see through lingerie on your site then you must edit the pictures so that nudity is not shown

Please review our Terms of Service for any other types of websites we cannot host.

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