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AJAX Failure in Email Accounts Section of cPanel

cPanel integrated AJAX scripting into the control panel. You may notice this in how menus "slide" and "expand," however it can cause browser incompatibilities.

The error appears similar to "AJAX Failure! I failed 3 times. Please refresh the page and try again." and it shows only in the email account section of cPanel. At this time it seems to only affects Safari browsers that do not support AJAX scripting, predominately Safari version 4 and some Safari version 5.

To resolve this matter you can do the following:
  • Upgrade to the newest version of Safari (should be version 6 or higher), which does allow for Javascripting to work properly.
  • Clear the Safari browser's cache.
  • at the bottom of the email accounts page in Cpanel, "If you need an interface that uses less JavaScript click here." Selecting this "click here" link should allow you to manage your email accounts in Safari without the Ajax errors.
  • Try a different browser such as Firefox or Chrome.
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