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Recommended Mac Internet Software


A list of recommended Mac Internet applications


  • Safari -- Apple's Web browser comes with every Mac.
  • FireFox -- Mozilla (
Email Clients:
  • Mail -- Apple's Email client comes with every Mac (Note: It is not called Mac Mail, if anything Apple's Mail)
  • Thunderbird -- Mozilla (
  • Entourage -- Microsoft (
  • Mailsmith -- Barebones Software (
FTP Clients:
  • FileZilla (Requires OS X 10.5 or newer) -- FileZilla (
  • CyberDuck -- CyberDuck (
  • Transmit -- Panic Software (
  • Fetch -- Fetch Softworks (
Web Creation - Advanced:
  • Dreamweaver -- Adobe (
  • KompoZer -- KompoZer (
Web Creation - Template:
  1. RapidWeaver -- Real Mac Software (
  2. Sandvox -- Karelia Software (
  3. iWeb -- Apple-Part of iLife (
For more great Mac Internet related tools, go to Mac Orchard.
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