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Mail Directory Sub Folders

What are these cur, new, and temp folders in the mail directory?

cPanel currently only supports Maildir, a directory that stores email messages as files. Maildir works with Courier, a mail server that provides folders and quotas for the email accounts on your hosting account.

The folders inside the mail directory are additional subdirectories such as .Drafts .Trash and .Sent. Each folder contains three subdirectories called tmp, new, and cur.

What each of the subdirectories have stored:


The 'tmp' subdirectory temporarily stores email messages that are in the process of being delivered. (It may also store other kinds of temporary files.)


The 'new' subdirectory stores messages that have been delivered, but have not yet been seen by any mail application, such as webmail or Outlook.


The 'cur' subdirectory stores messages that have already been viewed by mail applications, like webmail or Outlook.

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