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Viewing Stats for Addon Domains outside the control panel


Using SSH you can setup access to Webalizer from ourtside the HostMonster Control Panel.

Accessing Webalizer outside the Control Panel

To view your stats using Webalizer, follow these steps:

Note: You will need SSH Access to complete these steps. For information about requesting SSH access, Click Here.

  1. Open a Terminal for SSH/Shell Access


    Navigate to your Applications folder, open Utilities, and double click on Terminal


    We suggest PuTTY.

  2. Using your username and your password you will get direct access to the Server, you will see a command prompt, It will look something like this:
    YourUsername@box** [/home/Yourusername]#

  3. Logged into the account you will want to navigate (or change directory) to the desired folder (or directory) - Main domain will be username@box** [/home/username]# cd public_html

    - Addon domains will be username@box** [/home/username]#
    cd public_html/YourAddonDomainFolder

  4. In the desired folder you will want to create a symbolic link

    - To create a symbolic link for the main domain use this syntax:
    ln -s /home/username/tmp/webalizer webstats

    - To create a symbolic link for any addon domains use this
    syntax: ln -s /home/username/tmp/webalizer/ webstats

    Note: There is a space before the word webstats.

  5. Caution: Do not use stats as the name of the directory, because apache
    has reserved this name as an alias.
  6. Change the permissions on the webalizer directory to 755.
    - Main domain will be: username@box** [/home/username/public_html]# chmod 755 /home/username/tmp/webalizer
    - Addon Domain will be: username@box** [/home/username/public_html/YourAddonDomainFolder]# chmod 755 /home/username/tmp/webalizer/

Note: Make sure to replace "username" with your actual username. And, replace main domain and addon domain with your actual domain names. Main domain is your primary domain you signed up with. Addon domain is an additional domain you have on your account that you'd like stats for. You can also change permissions for the webalizer folder using File Manager from cPanel.

Note: You may need to adjust /home/ to /home1/ or home2/ or a different number depending on the home directory your account resides on. To view the home directory for your account simply view the stats column on the main cPanel page of your account and look for the home directory.

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