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FrontPage 2003 - Synchronize Files

In 2006 Microsoft discontinued support for the FrontPage Extensions. We have decided to no longer provide for FrontPage Extensions and recommend that you use FTP or WebDAV instead.


How do I synchronize my Local Files and my Server Files via FrontPage 2003?


Open your FrontPage program and do the following:
  1. Connect to your server. You should get a split screen with your local files on the left and your server files on the right.
  2. At the bottom right of the screen there should be 3 options "Local to Remote" (this one is checked by default), "Remote to Local" and "Synchronize" (This will make everything on your local machine go to the server and everything on the server come to your local machine so they match up.) This is the one we want to use.
  3. Tell it to sync your system with the server, there will be a blue error pointing in the direction of the different files (i.e. if a file is going FROM your local machine to the SERVER it will point to the right, and the other way around if FROM the server to your LOCAL MACHINE)
  4. Then click Publish
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