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Email Filter Setup


Email Filters can be used to handle emails automatically, before they reach your inbox.

Creating a new Filter

  1. Log into your HostMonster Control Panel.

  2. Under the Mail category, there are two options: User Level Filtering and Account Level Filtering.. The first will create filters for a specific email address; the latter will create a filter that applies for all email addresses.

  3. Select the appropriate option, and click on Create a new Filter.

  4. Complete the Filter Name, Rules and Actions forms as needed.

  5. Click Activate.

Working Example

For a common working example, here's how to set up a filter for the anti-spam tool Spam Assassin that will automatically discard any incoming spam:

  1. Log into your HostMonster Control Panel.

  2. Under the Mail category, click on Account Level Filtering..

  3. Select Create a new Filter.

  4. In the Rules section, change From to Subject.

  5. Change contains to begins with.

  6. Type ***SPAM*** in the text field.

  7. Beneath Actions, choose Discard.

Note: Please make sure Spam Assassin is set up to mark spam messages as ***SPAM*** from cPanel -> Mail -> SpamAssassin -> Configure SpamAssassin.

This will stop any further Spam Assassin messages from finding their way into your inbox. This example can be applied for a myriad of different filtering options, such as filtering certain addresses, message bodies, subjects and countless others.

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